Data and File Types

Data and File Types

This section explains the csv type of file and provides some examples and some sample data. To see more go here

Functionality Help


This section explains how to navigate around the software. To learn more click here

The Legend

To learn more how the data in the Legend is calculated click here

Search Function

To learn more how the Search Function operates click here

Your Data

To see a general overview of how Your Data is mapped click here

Selecting Record Count or another column

To see how to change how the map displays your data by selecting a column in the csv file click here

Selecting a geography to map with

If your CSV file contains a number of geographical columns then you are able to select which geography is displayed on the map. To learn more click here

Filtering your own data

Once you are displaying your data on the map you can filter the map by selecting from the graphs on the right hand side of the page. To see more detail on this click here

Our Data

Viewdata currently hold and displays data from the 2016 Census which can be queried by users, this provides a comparison to the users own data and places it in context. To learn more about how to select and view the Census data click here

Selecting a comparison area

Once data is displayed for a particular area the user can compare that area to its surrounds to place the data in context. This could be compared to the state or the whole country for example. To learn more click here

 Using the Buffer

You can display data from the Census in the graphs for a for an area by simply selecting a point on the map, or you can select a buffer area from that point on the map up to 1Kilometre by using the buffer function. To learn more about this click here.


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