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We exist to help businesses find more customers, focus their marketing and reduce their risk.

Are you lying awake at night wondering if the money spent on your marketing campaign is in the right area?

Or wondering should I open that second shop and where?

All good questions that need to be driven by real data, both yours and your potential customers.

Make informed decisions now, and get the rest you deserve.

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Powerful Features

Customer Location

Instantly Visualise your customers location

Simply drag and drop your customer data file into the browser to create a view of your data ready to analyse. No technical training required to start to understand where your customers are buying from and find more of them.


Drill down into your data with the click of a mouse

Segment your customer data file to view your most profitable products and services. Look for your high margin sales, where they are and the type of person who is buying.


Compare your data to understand it in the context of the real world

Do you know your ideal customer? Let us show you where they are located simply and easily. Display and compare demographics from the most recent census and identify where the hot spots for your ideal customer are.


Combine data sets from anywhere

Look at multiple channels of data from your business to make smarter decisions to grow your business. If you can export data into a CSV file with any type of location you can view it and include it into your overall marketing and sales plans.

Making better informed business decisions is critical.  However, it has been beyond the budget and expertise of most of us, to wrangle and extract meaning from the data we have available.  In my role as founding CEO of the Open Data Institute Australian Network, I am a regular user of Viewdata to demonstrate just how easy it can be for anyone, regardless of skill level, to harness value and meaning in data.  The drag and drop functionality is fantastic, so simple and quick to use.

Maree Adshead Former CEO of the Open Data Institute, Australian Network / Queensland Small Business Champion


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  • Map the whole of Australia
  • Map CSV Files Simply
  • Filter the CSV file to Analyse
  • Split the map to compare views
  • Select Basic Demographic data
  • Display data from a selected geography
  • Annotate the Map
  • Display Data by Buffer
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Viewdata Enterprise

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  • Map the whole of Australia
  • Map CSV files Simply
  • Filter the CSV file to Analyse
  • Split the map to Compare views
  • Select Basis Demographic Data
  • Display Data from a selected Geography
  • Annotate the Map
  • Display data by Buffer
  • Create individual Projects
  • Upload and Save Data
  • Advanced Demographic Filtering
  • User Creation of Catchments
  • Catchment Analysis
  • Build Ad Hoc reports
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Viewdata Plus

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  • Map the whole of Australia
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Viewdata Customer Testimonials

How to use customer demographics to drive sales

A Testimonial from Business Coach Brad Flynn

Listen to Brad talk about the benefits of using Viewdata and how its helping him with his customers to help them refocus their marketing to reach more customers and spend less to find them.

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